What do rowers wear for practice? Generally athletic clothes for practices. Baggy or too loose fitting clothes are discouraged due to the fact they can get caught in boat seats or rigging. Tanks and bike or compression shorts must be worn at regattas. This will be further discussed at practice and the parent meeting.

Do I need a uniform to participate?  Yes. You need to purchase a team tank and black compression or bike shorts.

Do I need a medical exam? We highly recommend getting an up to date sports physical for all student athletes. We will have you fill out a form listing any medical needs along with contact information. New rowers will need to complete a swim test. We are not looking for expert swimmers only a demonstration you can tread water for a few minutes.

Should I be worried about the boat tipping? It is rare and actually quite difficult for an 8 person rowing shell to tip. The oars act like outriggers to help stabilize the vessel on the water. We have safety motor boats following rowers to assist if there was an issue.

What do my dues go toward? We receive no funding from Spring Lake Public Schools or Grand Haven Public Schools. We need to charge dues to cover our costs, including coaches, insurance, repairs and maintenance of our boats, the cost to rent space, etc. The fees do not cover the cost of purchasing equipment. If you compare our fees to other schools in the State, our dues are very low.

Can students from other schools participate? Yes, we are a co-op team between Grand Haven and Spring Lake. We have had students from Fruitport, Mona Shores and Holland. Usually we have a mix of students from various schools in a boat. The State Championship requires all athletes to be from one school, but we did secure an exemption last year for both Grand Haven and Spring Lake to row together. It is possible, however, for students from other schools to row in their own boat at that event.

How do you pay for equipment? We have been very thrifty and have raised money from donations.

Can I make a donations to Spring Lake Crew Club? Yes, we are organized as a non-profit corporation and a IRS 501(c)3 organizations. Donations are tax deductible.

Can an athlete row in college?  Absolutely.  Many members of GVSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and other Big Ten schools never rowed before college. Rowing in high school gives students an excellent opportunity to participate in a Division 1 sport.

Are college scholarships available?  Yes.  This is especially true for women.  Due to Title IX, colleges need to provide equal opportunities for men and women.  Since football produces so many male scholarships, colleges are looking for sports to provide women athletic scholarships and woman’s rowing is benefiting from that.

Can I get involved? YES! We can always use help, especially organizing food for regattas, taking pictures, and sometimes transporting boats for repair or to/from regattas.

Who runs the Crew Club?  As a non-profit organization, we have many volunteers including our board members, parents of rowers and others who help keep the team up and running.

How do I learn more about rowing?  Check out these websites: www.row2k.com  and http://www.usrowing.org/  We highly recommend reading the book the Boys in the Boat. You can also watch the movie on PBS http://www.pbs.org/video/2365812690/