ABOUT THE TEAM:  Our first season was the Spring of 2015.  Rowing is a Co-Ed Club Sport with spring, fall and winter seasons.  We are a CO-OP team for Spring Lake High School and Grand Haven High School. All academically eligible high school age students in the SL and GH areas are welcome including home school students. Rowers can join whichever season works best around their other activities. Rowing is easy to learn. It mainly requires a strong work-ethic, determination and team-spirit. With the right attitude, anyone can learn to row; with perseverance, he/she can build the physical strength and ability to compete. Unlike many other sports which require elite training from a young age, rowing is something many high school athletes could easily continue to do at a collegiate level. The team rows out of Spring Lake Middle School Grand River access behind the soccer & lacrosse fields.  Please use the form at the bottom of the page to email the team for more information.


Coach Jeff Pipp is offering private and semi-private lessons on small boats this summer. Singles and Doubles mostly. Have some warm weather fun while learning to scull and race in summer regattas. If interested, please email the team through the contact form below. If you have talked with Coach Jeff and you need to pay for your sessions, click here:  PAY FOR HIGH SCHOOL AGE SUMMER ROWING


middle school flyer

Click here to  REGISTER FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE SUMMER ROWING   and click here to PAY ONLINE for Middle School Summer Rowing. If you have any questions about the program, please fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page.


TEAM WORKOUT REPORTS: If you miss practice or complete extra work-outs, please log them here and a copy will be emailed to Coach Jeff and Coach Paul. WORKOUT REPORT

LOGO APPAREL: We have set up a Lands End Company Store for embroidered logo apparel to be shipped directly to you. LANDS END SL CREW COMPANY STORE

Hats / Apparel / Logo Stickers:  We sell apparel and accessories through our online store.  Click here to order and pay: SL-GH CREW ONLINE STORE

REMIND.COM We use the group text messaging app for broadcasting important quick messages to the team and parents during the season (especially helpful for location changes due to weather and for updates at regattas).  Below are the instructions on how to join the Fall 2017 group:

FUNDRAISING:  Our program exists only because of generous private and corporate donations. We rely on continued support to keep the team afloat. Funds raised go towards purchasing equipment such as rowing shells, oars, rigging, shoes, speakers, life-jackets, tools, trailers, tents, motor boats, indoor rowing machines, etc. Each high school rower pays a participation fee per season to help with operating costs such as rent, insurance, fuel, mileage and coaching expenses. If you would like to make a tax deductible financial contribution to our team,you may do so using our online payment system or buy mailing a check.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE ONLINE

THANK YOU:  A big thank you to our generous donors! Without your support, we would not be able to do what we do!

LEADERSHIP: Spring Lake Crew Club, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded to support the rowing team.

  • Paul Winter – President and Coach
  • Amanda Rantanen – Secretary and Substitute Coach (GVSU Rowing Alumni)
  • Lesley Reed – Treasurer
  • Blake Phillips – Technical Advisor
  • Lesley VanLeeuwan-Vega – Publicity
  • Ken Workinger – Boatmaster
  • Alan Betts – Member at Large (GH Liaison)
  • Jeff Pipp – Coach (MSU Rowing Alumni)
  • Mandy Boersen – Coach (GVSU Rowing Alumni)


“The Oarsman’s Song”

The willowy sway of the hands away and the water boiling aft,

The elastic spring and the steely fling that drives the flying craft.

The steely spring and the musical ring of the blade with the biting grip,

And the stretching draw of the bending oar that rounds the turn with a whip.

And the lazy float that runs the boat, and makes the swing quite true,

And gives that rest that the oarsman blest as he drives the blade right through.

All through the swing he hears the boat sing as she glides on her flying track,

And he gathers aft to strike the craft with a ringing bell-note crack.

From stretcher to oar with drive and draw, he speeds the boat along.

All whalebone and steel and a willowy feel…that is the oarsman’s song.

~ Steve Fairbairn

Steve Fairbairn On Rowing – The Complete Series by Rowperfect – Peter Mallory and Steve Fairbairn

If you would like more information, please email the team: